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GRSCAR Yalova Center
Car Rental Office - +90 444 9 505
Rent your car from Grscar at an affordable price with early reservation, discover the beauties of Yalova!
Yalova is one of the important tourism and holiday regions, the pearl of Marmara. Enjoy thermal hotels, sea and green by renting a car at an affordable price.

Yalova is located in 6 districts, adjacent to Kocaeli and Bursa and the closest holiday and health tourism region to Istanbul. Yalova also hosts important historical values. Our Founding Leader, the Great Leader, Ataturk used the expression “It is my city for Yalova”. The walking story of Atatürk's love of nature, Yuruyen Mansion and the plane tree are also on the beach in Yalova.

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