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Rent a car from Grscar and discover the beauties of Istanbul!

Istanbul is one of the metropolitan cities of Turkey and of great importance in the world as being the hub connecting Europe and Asia.  Historical places, touristic centers, ports and international airports make Istanbul even more attractive.  Rent an affordable and low-mileage car to explore and enjoy Istanbul now.

With awesome beauties, views of the Bosphorus and the mansions, Istanbul Anatolian Side embrace many historical sites.

Best places to visit in Istanbul Anatolian Side

Before making a short list you should decide whether you will have a car during your visit in Istanbul.  If you do not have a car, we recommend you to rent an affordable, low mileage car so you can visit Istanbul comfortably.

Your short list to visit on the Anatolian side shall include; Polenezköy, Şile, Kadıköy Moda, Beykoz Paşabahçe, Anadolu Fortress, Beykoz Anadolu Fortress, Hababam Museum, Çamlıca Hill and Maidens Tower.

What to eat in Istanbul Anatolian Side

You can find many flavors in Istanbul. It offers tastes from different cultures. The Turkish bagel and tea is a classic which you can find fresh at any time in Istanbul. You can find many pilaf, kokoreç, escallop and yeast fritter sellers in various points of the city. As Istanbul is a city by the seaside you can find various seafood.

Culture & Art Events in Istanbul Anatolian Side

Because of its importance in Turkey and worldwide, many cultural and artistic activities are being held in Istanbul. A lot of festivals, exhibitions, concerts, opera, ballet, theater, and many other events take place. Events take place at Istanbul Opera and Ballet, Müjdat Gezen Theater, Haldun Taner Stage, Bostanci Cultural Center, Moda Stage and such. You can find information about the continuous activities, from the places where they are held and from the pages of the organizers.

Historical Attractions in Istanbul Anatolian Side

Istanbul has been home to many civilizations since ancient times. For this reason, you can find many historical places in many places of Istanbul. Make your trip to historic places by renting an affordable, low mileage car. List of historical places to visit shall include; Ferit Paşa Woods, Pink Mansion, Beylerbeyi Palace, Küçüksu Mansion, Mihrabad Woods, Hidiv Mansion, Beykoz Woods and Anadolu Fortress.

You can rent a car quickly and easily via our GrsCar Car Rental office, call center or website to explore Istanbul, see tourist attractions and historical places. We welcome you to visit Istanbul Anatolian Side with our affordable and low mileage car rental service in Istanbul Sabiha Gökçen Airport and Istanbul Ataşehir.
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