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Malatya Car Rental Office +90(422)212 50 55

Rent from Grscar with early reservation, do not be late to see Malatya!
Malatya is the largest city in the Eastern Anatolia Region and is located in the Upper Opportunity section. If you do not come to your car to see and explore Malatya, you should hire the most suitable vehicle at affordable and low mileage.

Malatya was founded in the Hittite period and has been changing from hand to hand for many years and has been reconstructed to this day.

Where should I go in Malatya?
Do you have a car for places to see in Malatya? If you do not have a car, you should hire a car at an affordable price and a low mileage, and make your Malatya trip this way. List of places to visit in Malatya; Darende, Battalgazi, Pütürge, Kale, Waterfall Park, Atatürk House, Günpınar Waterfall and Malatya Ataturk House must be found.

What should I eat in Malatya?
When it comes to Malatya, the first reason among people is apricot. You should not come back from Malatya without looking at the taste of apricots and dried apricots. Yogurt carrot flour, Ottoman palace limontası, hair roasting, Malatya style chicken chicken, arapgir, Abuzer Gifffari kebabı, şambali, pirpirim soup, burned sergeant ayran, banana sweet kadayıf, apricot dessert, scorpion, crazy girl baklava, are among the things you need to eat.

What are the Culture and Art Activities in Malatya?
Every year, national and international events take place in Malatya. These events include; International Culture Art and Apricot Festival, Arguvan Turku Festival, Traditional Darende Zengibar Karakucak Wrestling and Culture Festival, Yazıhan Culture and Art Festival, Arapgir Bağbozumu Festivals.

Where are the Historical Sites to be seen in Malatya?
If you do not have a car to visit historical places in Malatya, you should hire the most suitable vehicle to save time, affordable and low mileage. Listen to the historical places you need to see in Malatya; Hürriyet Park, Ethnography Museum, Atatürk House, Aslantepe Ruins, Malatya Museum must be found.

We are waiting for Malatya to see Malatya and discover all these beauties. GrsCar Rent a Car You can rent from our offices, from our web site or from our call center, the most convenient vehicle, with the appropriate fare and low mileage. We are waiting for you in Malatya with our wide filos.

Address = Inönü Mahallesi, Terminal Street, No: 17 / A Malatya
Phone    = +90 (422)212 50 55


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