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Izmir, the pearl of Aegean, is the third biggest city of Turkey. Izmir is of great importance as it has a freight port, many touristic centers and historical places. Rent an affordable and low-mileage car right away to discover and enjoy Izmir.

Although no proven information is available it is believed that the name of Izmir comes from Smyrna. It is pronounced as Simirni. Izmir is home to many historical places. In addition, Izmir is quite important in Turkish history.

Best Places to Visit in Izmir
Before visiting Izmir, make a short list of where to see, what to eat, which culture and art events to attend and also which means of transportation to use. If you do not have a car, we recommend you to rent an affordable, low mileage car for a comfortable visit.

You need to have must-see places in your short list. Ephesus Antique City, Meryemana Church, Historical Elevator, Şirince, Clock Tower, İzmir Manyas Bird Paradise, Kemeraltı Bazaar, Smyrna Antique City, Old Foça, Cordon Alsancak, Çeşme shall be at the top of your list.

What to Eat in Izmir
Please note that in Izmir, Turkish bagel is called gevrek and seed is called çiğdem. Don’t be surprised to see that in Izmir names of some food are different. Çeşme kumrusu, Tire Meatball, boyoz Izmir are the first to come to mind. As Aegean Region is known for its wild grasses, you can taste the best Şevketi bostan, artichoke and arapsaçı in Izmir. We recommend you to taste çöp shish in Selçuk. You can eat fish species on the beach side and we highly recommend you to taste yiest fritter in Kemeraltı.

Culture & Art Events in Izmir
Izmir is one of the three most important cities of Turkey and there is constant activity here. Festivals, fairs, biennials, exhibitions, concerts ... The most important event for Izmir is the Izmir International Fair which opens every year on September 9th. Alaçatı Surf Festival, Alaçatı Ot Festival and Izmir Mussel Festival are the other leading events..

Historical Attractions in Izmir
There are lots of historical places in Izmir as it had been an important settlement since ancient times. You can easily visit historical places by renting an affordable, low mileage car to utilize the time you’ll be spending in Izmir. List of historical places to visit shall include; Ephesus Antique City, Meryemana Church, Clock Tower, Archeology Museum, Izmir Ethnography Museum, Historical Elevator, Kemeraltı, Agora, Kızlarağası Han, Hisar Mosque and Kadifekale.

You can rent a car quickly and easily via our GrsCar Car Rental office, call center or website to explore Izmir, see tourist attractions and historical places. Please note that we offer affordable, low mileage cars with our fleet. We welcome you to visit Izmir at Izmir Adnan Menderes Airport.

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