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Make your Grs Car rental booking early and don’t be late to discover Gaziantep’s beauties and local delicacies!
Gaziantep is known as Antep publicly.  In terms of industry and level of development Antep is the leading city in The Southeast Anatolia Region.  If you come to visit Gaziantep without your car, you can rent an affordable and low-mileage car to explore more and comfortably.

Because of its location, Gaziantep has hosted many civilizations and cultures during history.  Additionally; Antep is also quite important for the Turkish culture.

Best Places to Visit in Gaziantep
There are a lot of historical places and tourist attractions in Gaziantep. If you have a limited time to visit the city, we recommend you to have a car for your trip. If you do not have a car, you can rent an affordable, low mileage car to travel comfortably in Antep.

You should make a list of the places to visit Antep. Your list shall include; Zeugma Mosaic Museum, Gaziantep Castle, Hasan Süzer Etnografya Museum, Gaziantep Archeology Museum, Panorama Museum, Zincirli Bedesten, Elmacı Bazaar, Ataturk Memorial Museum, Medusa Glass Works Museum, Kurtuluş Mosque, Antep Bazaar, City Museum, Historical Customs House, and Gaziantep War Museum.

What to Eat in Gaziantep
The tastes of the region are attractive and delicious.  The best answers to what to eat in Gaziantep are; Beyran, pistachio katmer, küsleme, baklava, şöbiyet, antep wrap, humus, bitter pepper, tahmis coffee. We recommend you not to leave Antep before tasting these delicacies.

Culture & Art Events in Gaziantep
Every year in Gaziantep, culture and art events are organized regularly. Festivals, fairs, exhibitions, interviews and concerts are held in the city.  Republic Cup Aba Wrestling, Islahiye Grape Pepper and Culture Festival and Peanut Festival are among these activities.

Historical Attractions in Gaziantep
There are lots of historical places in Gaziantep as it has been home to different civilizations and cultures for many years. If you do not have a car to go to historical sites, you can rent an affordable and low-mileage car. The places to visit and the list of historical places are almost the same. Your list shall include; Gaziantep Castle, Zeugma Mosaic Museum, Gaziantep Archeology Museum, Medusa Glass Works Museum, Historical Customs House, Hamam Museum and Chain Bedesten.

We welcome you to visit Gaziantep to discover the beauties and taste the delicacies. You can rent an affordable and low mileage car from our Grscar Car Rental office, web site or call center. We welcome you to visit Gaziantep with our wide range car fleet.

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