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Eskişehir is located in the Central Anatolia Region and is known as a student city among the public.  Anadolu University and Osmangazi University, which are among the biggest universities of Turkey, are in Eskişehir.

It is known that the name Eskisehir comes from the name Dorylaion.  There are historical buildings and artifacts from the early ages in the city.

Best Places to Visit in Eskişehir
Please note that your visit to Eskişehir can be more comfortable with a car. If you don’t have a car then you can rent best fitting, low mileage car with affordable prices.

During your trip we recommend you to visit Odunpazarı, Kurşunlu Complex, Eskişehir Mevlevihane, Sheikh Edebali Tomb, Sheikh  Şehabettin Tomb, Porsuk Brook, Science Art and Culture Park, Contemporary Glass Art Museum, Seyitgazi Museum, Eskişehir Wax Museum, Ottoman House Museum, Cartoon Museum.

What to Eat in Eskişehir
In Eskişehir you can find pastry and red meat type foods very often.  You should not miss the opportunity to taste balaban kebab, met halva, and çibörek. Local foods of the city include tatar pie, boza, nuga halva, tutmaç, meatball soup and miyane soup.

Culture & Art Events in Eskişehir
In Eskişehir, concerts are on the top of the culture and art events list. The reason that the concerts are in the majority is that the city hosts a lot of university students. International Eskisehir Film Festival, International Eskisehir Street Festival, Yunus Emre Culture and Art Week are among the events and many photograph exhibitions and interviews take place.

Historical Attractions in Eskişehir
We recommend you to make a list of the historical landmarks to visit in Eskişehir. Your list should definitely include; Yunus Emre Museum, Eskisehir Liberation Museum, Seyit Battal Gazi Complex, Aviation Museum, Kurşunlu Mosque and Complex, History of the Republic Museum, Midas Monument, Ottoman House, Solonun Tomb, Areyastis Monument, Gerdekkaya Tomb, Doğanlı Castle, Pessinus Antique City.

Hurry to see all these beauties in Eskişehir. You can rent an affordable and low mileage car from our office, web site or call center. We welcome you to visit Eskişehir with our wide range car fleet.

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