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Make your Grs Car rental booking early and don’t be late to discover Erzurum!
Erzurum is the third biggest city of Eastern Anatolia.  Recently, the city shines out with its winter sports facilities.  You can rent an affordable and low-mileage car to discover Erzurum with its historical places and winter sports facilities.

Erzurum is one of the oldest settlements in Anatolia due to its location near to important civilization centers. The archeological excavations show that the history of the city dates back to stone goddrein. During the archeological excavations it was also revealed that Erzurum was at the center of Karaz Culture in the Early Bronze Age.

Best Places to visit in Erzurum
There are many places to visit in Erzurum thanks to its location and geographical conditions.  Did you decide which means of transportation to use in Erzurum during your visit? Remember that you can rent an affordable and low mileage car in Erzurum.

You should definitely make a list of the places where you will be traveling with your comfortable car. Your list shall include Palandöken Mountain, Double Minaret Medrese, Erzurum Castle, Erzurum Museum, Tortum Lake. For ski lovers Palandöken must be definitely at the top of the list. Palandöken is one of the important winter sports centers.

What to Eat in Erzurum
The best answer is Erzurum Cağ Kebabı for what to eat in Erzurum. You can find it in most places with different presentations. Besides that you have to have a taste of kadayıf dolması and stew in Erzurum.

Culture & Art Events in Erzurum
Erzurum is especially famous for winter sports.  As a center of winter sports, Erzurum Palandöken holds olympics each year. Every year, athletes from different countries compete here.

If you plan to visit Erzurum during winter olympics, you should definitely make your booking for accommodation and vehicle in advance. Let us remind you making an early booking, you can rent a car suitable for winter conditions for reasonable prices.

Historical Attractions in Erzurum
You will definitely need a car to visit all historical landmarks of Erzurum. If you do not have a car, we recommend you to rent an affordable and low mileage car that is suitable for Erzurum climate conditions.

You can get information about historical landmarks of Erzurum from the internet or those who have visited the city. Then make a list for yourself. Your list should definitely include; Pasinler Thermal Spring, Erzurum Atatürk House, Double Minaret Madrasah, Erzurum Ulu Mosque, Yakutiye Madrasah, Tortum Lake, İstanbulkapı, Nene Hatun National Park, Erzurum Clock Tower, Öşvank Church, Lalapaşa Mosque, Rustempaşa Bedesten, Azizye Bastion, Çobandere Bridge, Dome of Three, Erzurum Castle, Tortum Lake, İstanbulkapı, Nenehatun National Park, Erzurum Clock Tower, Çşvank Church and Lalapaşa Mosque.

In order to participate in winter Olympics, to visit historical places and to have a taste of the local food, you can rent a suitable car via our web site or call center at affordable prices and low mileage. Please note that our car fleet available in Erzurum Airport and Erzurum City Centre consists of affordable and low mileage cars. We welcome you to visit Erzurum.
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