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Elazığ is located in the Eastern Anatolia Region in the Upper Euphrates.  If you come to visit Elazığ without your car, you can rent an affordable and low-mileage car to discover the surroundings.

Elazığ has been an important settlement center in the route of caravan connecting Anatolia to Mesopotamia in history and has hosted many cultures.

Best Places to visit in Elazığ
You should make a list of the best places to visit before your trip to Elazığ. Your list shall definitely include; Harput, Hazar Lake, Three Lullaby Fountain, Elazig Castle, Keban Dam, Dabakhane, Harput House, Historical Castle Bath, Cimşit Bey Baths, Murat Baba Mausoleum, Life Valley, Buzluk Cave and Palu Castle.

What to Eat in Elazığ
Elazığ cuisine is the richest cuisine following Hatay cuisine. If you have a limited time to visit the city, make a short list before you arrive and taste local delicacies. Definitely include Harput Meatballs, Harput Bread Fresh, Buried, Tenderloin Meatballs, Fancy Fidos, Kofik Dolma, Salty Soup, Sırın, Dolanger, Grilled Soup, Tofu in your list.

Culture & Art Events in Elazığ
Various events are held in Elazığ during the year. To make a short list; Fırat Short Film Festival, Arıcak Reverse Waterfall Festival, Grape and Orcik Festival, Traditional Vineyard and Honey Promotion Competition, Keban Water and Trout Festival, Marble-Chrome Culture and Art Festival are among the events you may attend.

Historical Attractions in Elazığ
If you do not have a vehicle to see and explore all these beauties when you come to Elazığ, you can rent an affordable and low mileage car. Among the historical landmarks we recommend you to visit are Hazar Lake, Elazig Castle, Three Lullaby Cesme, Mansur Baba Tomb, Dabakhane, Harput House, Cimşit Bey Bath, Historical Castle Bath, Beyzade Efendi Tomb, Nadir Baba Tomb, Buzluk Cave and Beşikli Baba Tomb.

We welcome you to visit Elazığ and discover all these beauties. You can rent an affordable and low milleage car from our GrsCar Car Rental Office, web site or call center.

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