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Düzce is a city located in the west of the Black Sea Region.  Until 1999 it was a province of Bolu and then later became a city.

Best Places to Visit in Düzce
Do you have a car for your visit in Düzce? If you do not have a car, you can rent an affordable, low mileage car. Places to visit in Düzce shall include; Fakıllı Cave, Ceneviz Kalesi Beach, Güzeldere Waterfall, Samandere Waterfall, Aktas Castle, Akcakoca Central Mosque, Düzce Rafting, Kurugöl Canyon and Tahirli Waterfall.

What to Eat in Düzce
Düzce’s culinary culture is quite similar to Bolu’s as it separated by 1999. In Düzce; you must absolutely taste Abaza Salçası, Psihalive, Göbete, Çerkez Çavuğu, Corn Bread, Laz Pie, Groom Nuts, Mamursa, Haluj, Kaldirik Stuffed Vegetable, Smoked Fish, Vinegar Anchovy and kırtıl.

Culture & Art Events in Düzce
Various cultural and art events are organized every year in Düzce. To make a short list; Kirali Village Cherry Festival, Yığılca Hasanlar Dam Sailing and Culture Festival, Bekiroğlu Village Nettle Festival, Kardüz Yayla Festival, Akcakoca International Tourism Culture and Hazelnut Festival, North Caucasus Culture Festival, International Folk Dances and Tourism Festival are among the activities held in the city.

Historical Attractions in Düzce
Historical places you may visit include; Konuralp Museum, Antique Theater, Marble Bridge, Genoese Castle, Karakoy Şeyh Müslihittin Tomb, Ahmet Dede Tomb and Aktaş Castle.

We welcome you to discover the beauty of Düzce. You can rent an affordable and low mileage car from our office, web site or call center. We welcome you to visit Düzce with our wide range car fleet.

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