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Rent from Grscar with early reservation, do not be late to see Bursa!
Bursa, located in the Marmara region, the world livable city ranking of 28 in 2016 and is located in the city 1.sıra in Turkey. From an economic perspective it is one of the most developed cities in Turkey.

Bursa is historically important because it is the capital of the Ottoman Empire. It is possible to see a lot of historical monuments and historical buildings in Bursa.

Where should I go in Bursa?
If you do not have a car for places to visit in Bursa, we recommend you to rent your car. You will find it easier to reach the places that you will find the most suitable vehicle, suitable fiyata and low mileage.

Your Bursa trip plan; Koza Han, Sultanate Gate, Green Tomb, Cumalıkızık, Tophane and Uludağ must be places you should definitely see.

What should I eat in Bursa?
When we think of Bursa cuisine we must first accept that it is İskender. It is not possible to come to Bursa and discover the food culture and eat it on the spot. In Bursa; İskender, İnegöl köftesi, Kemalpaşa freshwater, Mihaliç cheese, Chestnut candy.

Where are the Historical Places to be seen in Bursa?
Bursa is the capital city of the Ottoman Empire, so there are many historical places. If you do not have a car to go to historical places, you should rent the most suitable vehicle instead of public transportation at an affordable price. It will comfort you in terms of time and comfort. We listened to historical places to visit; Bursa Grand Bazaar, Oylat Cave, Kyrgyz Tomb, St. Tryphonos Church, Ulu Mosque, Emir Sultan Mosque, Clock Tower, Mudanya Dereköy Church, Atatürk Museum, Irgandı Bridge, Koza Han, Ayaini Cave, Yıldırım Beyazit Kulliyesi must be.

Do not be late to see all these beauties in Bursa. You can rent a vehicle from our office, our web site or our call center to you at affordable prices and low mileage. We are expecting you in Bursa with our wide filomuz and low mileage vehicles.

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