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Bahçelievler is a district neigboring Bakırkoy to the south, Küçükçekmece to the west, Bağcılar to the north and Güngören to the east. In 1992 Bahçelievler has become a separate district.

The district was composed of Kocasinan and Yenibosna villages until 1950’s. Bahçelievler's section was formed by Bakırköy growing towards the north of O-1 highway (former E-5).

Starting from the 60's, just like the neighboring cities, Bahçelievler's population increased very rapidly. The population was 8.500 in 1960 and reached 20.881 in 196n5 just in five years’ time. In 1975, the population of Bahçelievler exceeded 100 K.


Bahçelievler was called Hepdemon during the Byzantine Empire period and served as an agriculture and viniculture area. Hepdemon was on the route of caravan and military convoys connecting Rumelia to Istanbul. Many emperor palaces, churches and houses were built here. With the width of its territory, its proximity to Istanbul and its abundant water resources, Hepdemon became headquarters. During big earthquakes and disasters, the locals used to come to this area and stay here until it was over. Hepdemon was also one of the most popular cottages because of its proximity to the coast and the capital city.

The district has separated from the Bakırköy district on 25 August 1992 by Law No. 3806 and the Bahçelievler District and its local organization Bahçelievler District Municipality were established. Such frequent changes in the structure of the administration and its connections have both hampered the development of socio-economic development as well as the formation of administrative traditions in the district.

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