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Konya is the largest city in Turkey.  Konya is an economically developed city and it is also important with its natural and historical values.  Çatalhöyük, one of the oldest settlements in the world, is listed among UNESCO World Heritage List. It had been the capital of Anatolian Seljuk Empire and Karamanoğulları.

Konya was also very important in history.  It had been the capital of Anatolian Seljuk Empire and Karamanoğulları.

Best Places to visit in Konya
There are a lot of historical and touristic places in Konya. If you don’t have a car then you can rent best fitting, low mileage car with affordable prices.

Before coming to Konya we recommend you to make a special trip plan for yourself. List of the places to visit shall include; Tuz Lake, Beysehir Lake, Ereğli, Nasreddin Hoca Tomb, Mevlana Museum, Sırcalı Madrasa, Karatay Madrasa, Konya Sahibiata Museum, Alaeddin Hill, Meram Vineyards, Çatalhöyük and İnce Minaret Madrasah.

What to Eat in Konya
Konya has a very rich culinary culture due to its geographical conditions. Among the local dishes you may taste arabaşı soup, okra soup, çebiç, tirit kebab, meat loaf bread, sacarasi, Mevlana pie and höşmerim.  We highly recommend you to taste local meat loaf bread in Konya.

Culture & Art Events in Konya
Various cultural and art events are organized in Konya during the year. International Festival Films Festival, International Beyşehir Photographers Meeting, International Akşehir Nasreddin Hoca Festivals, International Mystical Music Festival and Hz. Mevlana's Vuslat Anniversary Commemoration Events are among the cultural and artistic events held in the city.

Historical Attractions in Konya
Being the former capital of Anatolian Sulcjuk Empire and Karamanoğulları, there are a lot of historical and touristic places in Konya. If you do not have a car to explore all these beauties when you visit Konya, you can rent an affordable and low mileage car.

List of historical places to visit in Konya shall include; Çatalhöyük, Eşrefoğlu Mosque, Güvercinlik Cave,Yerköprü Cave, Mevlana Tomb, Sırcalı Madrasah, Mecca Lake, İnce Minareli Madrasah, Kubad Abad Palace, Chapel Monument, Sahipata Museum, Sille Village, Sultans Mausoleum, Seljuk Mansion, Konya Archaeological Museum, Obruk Plateau, Nasreddin Hoca Turbesi, Konya Ereğli Museum, Meram Hamam, Obruk Inn, Valide Sultan Hamam, Ak Monastery, Aya Elena Church and Kilistra Rock Tombs.

Hurry to see all these beauties in Konya. You can rent an affordable and low mileage car from our office, web site or call center. We welcome you to visit Konya with our wide range car fleet.

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