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Kayseri Car Rental Office +90(352)222 98 77

Make your Grs Car rental booking early and don’t be late to discover Kayseri’s beauties and local delicacies!

Kayseri is the third largest city of Central Anatolia after Ankara and Konya. The economy is developing with the industry. Kayseri's former names are known as Mazaka and Kaisareia.

Kayseri has been home to different civilizations and cultures for many years. You can rent an affordable and low mileage car to discover Kayseri and visit historical and touristic places.

Best Places to Visit in Kayseri
There are lots of places to see in Kayseri. Instead of using public transport you can rent an affordable, low mileage car to discover the city.

Before you travel to Kayseri, you can get information about the historical and touristic places beforehand and then prepare a list. Your list shall include; Erciyes Mountain, Hunat Hatun Complex, Selçuklu Museum, Mimar Sinan House, Kayseri Castle, Ali Mountain Underground City, Kurşunlu Mosque, Atatürk Museum, Archeology Museum and Mescidi Aksa Mosque.

What to Eat in Kayseri
In Kayseri, we admit that Turkish ravioli and bacon are the first to come to mind. Turkish ravioli, bacon and stew shall be at the top of your list. Other tastes you can find here is pastry.

Culture & Art Events in Kayseri
Culture and art activities take place continuously in Kayseri. You can find theaters, festivals, exhibitions, interviews and concerts.

Historical Attractions in Kayseri
Since Kayseri has hosted many different civilizations for many years, there are a lot historical landmarks. If you have a limited time to visit historical places, you better have a car. If you do not have a car you can rent a car an affordable, low mileage car.

We welcome you to visit all beauties of Kayseri and taste the delicacies. You can rent an affordable, low mileage car quickly and easily via our GrsCar Car Rental office, call center or website. We welcome you to visit Kayseri with our wide range car fleet at Kayseri City Centre and Kayseri Erkilet Airport.

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