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Bartın is a town located in the west of the Black Sea Region.  A large part of the city, which has rich forests, is within the borders of Küre Mountains National Park.  The Bartın Stream is the only stream that is used for transportation in Turkey.  If you do not have a vehicle to see and explore all these beauties when you come to Bartın, you can rent an affordable and low mileage car.

Bartın is a small town with City Centre, Amasra, Kurucaşile and Ulus districts.

Best Places to Visit in Bartın
Bartın is a small as province, but still there are many places to visit.
Must- see places to visit for Bartın include; Amasra Castle, Rabbit Island, Amasra Museum, Inkumu, Çakraz Beach, Çekiciler Bazaar, Ulukaya Canyon and Crying Tree.

What to Eat in Bartın
You can see more than 100 varieties in Bartın cuisine. If you come for a short trip, you will not be able to taste all of Bartın’s local food.

At least you must have a taste of kaha dessert, chicken pie, tirit, white baklava, fig filling, honeycomb pie, zırva and ıslama the local food, bartın pancake, zucchini.

Culture & Art Events in Bartın
Various cultural and art events are organized in Bartın during the year. Most important of these events are; Ulus Nature Festival, Bartın Culture and Art Tourism and Strawberry Festival, Inkumu Summer Fest, Kozcağız Environment Culture and Art Festival.

Historical Attractions in Bartın
You need to have a car to discover historical landmarks of Bartın. If you don’t have a car then you should rent the best fitting, low mileage car with affordable prices. Visiting the historical places with a car will make your trip both easy and comfortable.

Places to visit in Bartın shall include; Güzelcehisar Castle, Güzelcehisar Lava Columns, Fatih Mosque, Gürcüoluk Cave, Direkli Rock, Kuş Kayası Road Monument, Amasra Kemere Bridge, Little Church, Edhem Ağa Mansion, Amasra Castle, Amasra Cenova Castle, Kemerdere Bridge and Antique Theater.

You can enjoy Bartın with our car rental service. You may rent a car easily and quickly by visiting our GrsCar Rental Office, contacting our call center or make reservation on our website. We welcome you to visit Bartın with our wide range car fleet.

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